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The original house in Welgemoed was constructed during the 1980s and had already seen a number of renovations. VKDB Architecture and Interior Design were called in to review the floorplan and re-organise the flow of the house. We were involved in the landscaping aspects of the redesign.

The existing house already had a beautiful garden with a number of oak trees. We had to plan an energy efficient home making use of the latest technologies. During our initial site visit we were inspired by the stunning garden and aimed to incorporate as much as possible of the outside views into the home. – VKDB

Huis welgemoed interior living room

House interior (photo by Andrea van der Spuy and Scape magazine)

We had previously worked with the family on this garden a few years before, creating a wonderful shade garden of colour on the banks and establishing trees and hedges. Coming back to a project is always a thrill and we got to update the space with new ideas.

VKDB had transformed the space around the mature oak that centres the garden. The hardscaping changes united levels and formalized it with more walls and paths, taking what was a bunch of different, small spaces and simplifying them, which we tried to carry through in our plant choices.

Huis Welgemoed exterior garden

The clients wanted more colour, especially mature flowering trees. So we brought in two huge mature trees – one a massive soft pink camellia for the verge, plus a magnificent magnolia in the new entrance courtyard. In the back garden we planted swathes of hydrangeas and flowering cherry trees.

With the increased hardscaping and the fact that our original trees were now much larger (meaning more shade) we made use of indigenous Chlorophytum sandersaie grass in lush swathes to sprawl over path edges, giving the garden movement in the breeze and the white star flowers popping in low light all year round.

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Credits: Text by Red Daffodil and Scape magazine (vol 90, 2023). Interior photo by Andrea van der Spuy Photography.