We worked with Cape Town hairdresser Wim van Zyl to create a secluded garden in the space adjacent to his Vredehoek home. This interview with him originally appeared in Visi magazine.

What is the story behind your garden?

When I bought my flat I had no access to the garden; I could only see it from my window. So I put in sliding doors to gain access to it. Back then, it was derelict and needed love and attention. I developed it and now look after all the gardens in the block. Valerie Stewart and Chris Maddams from the landscaping business Red Daffodil helped me with the planning and planting. I have a love affair with this garden.

peaceful garden with table

What inspired you to create it?

The garden has become an extension of my home, a continuation of my living space. The white iron bench was my bed 25 years ago; the wooden table used to be my coffee table. I was gifted a baby Victorian chair by my neighbours, which became a plant holder. The little doll used to be on display in my bathroom. Many things moved from their spaces inside to become outside furniture and decoration. My father built the garden temple. It is very special to me, a monument that we built together and that will last for years.

Tranquil garden

What do you do in the garden?

It is where I eat, relax and find myself.

Peaceful garden with books

Words by Michaela Stehr, PHOTOS by Jan Ras: Visi magazine