This is one of our most vital services. A landscaping project does not end on the day the installation is complete as a garden is then only starting to grow. We believe our maintenance service enables us to safe-guard your investment in the outdoor area of your home. We design the service to suit the needs of your household and garden. In most cases a visit once or twice a month by our team is enough to help a garden flourish and grow.

This service also allows us to manage other factors in the garden such as annual Tree or Hedge pruning, repairs to Irrigation systems and replanting of areas when needed. Being part of our maintenance program also means that our expertise is always available to you for further projects and valuable advice. Some gardens have been under our care for over 6 years now.

We also offer a management service for larger gardens. In these cases we have permanent gardeners on duty in the gardens. One of our consultants visits on a regular basis to issue instructions and supply the necessary goods for the upkeep of the gardens. This type of service has proved to be very popular.

Our team concentrate on:

Pruning and shaping
Regular feeding: including fertilizing and the spreading of organics at the correct times of the year
Necessary spraying for pest and fungus problems
Control of weeds
Planting of annual colour
Topping up of Herb and Vegetable gardens

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